Are you Currently Experiencing Any of the Following?  

  • Unmotivated at your current job?
  • Not happy with the amount of money you are making?
  • Frustrated at NOT having a steady flow of new clients?
  • Your current boss just doesn't "GET IT"
  • Or do you just need or want a change?
  • Or, are you just getting started in the beauty industry?


If you’re already in a job, and looking to move, you’ll want to know that you job search isn’t going to get back to your current employer – or anybody else. “We have a strict, set-in-stone privacy policy, which means that you are completely protected. NOBODY, even our own staff, will know that you are interested in working with us, until and if you decide it’s for you.Call Dona @ 310-433-4640 if you have any more questions. Leave me your first name and contact number only. I will call you back and remember it’s strictly confidential.