I- Tip

Individual Hair extensions attached by metal clamps , no glue no damage. Last about 3 to 4 months with proper care. To create volume, length, and color contrast. Best results with non oily hair and average thickness.

Skin Weft

Thin hair tracks attached by double sided tape melted on with heat to give a natural looking style great for fullness and length with no bulk no one will know! last around 3 to 4 weeks with proper care.

Sewed Tracks

Tracks of hair sewed onto braided hair, the most classic way of doing hair extensions. Your hair is completely braided all around your head to create a completely different look to your hair style and color even texture.

Clip in Bangs

Get instant bangs without the commitment of keeping then trimmed. customized color, length, fullness and cut. Great for all hair types

Clip in color accent

Go a little wild add a fun stripe to your hair without the commitment.

come in a variety of bright colors to natural hair colors. Great for young girls and Halloween.

Clip in extensions

Removable hair extensions attached with hair clips you can put them on and off yourself. Come in sets of 5 to 7 pieces we customize to your hair color and head shape. most convenient because they last as long as you want them to.

Keratin Tip

Individual Hair extensions attached with keratin based glue non harmful to the hair with minimum heat. Last about 2 to 3 months with proper care.Great for volume and length and color contrast. Best for clients with thin hair.

Plastic tube

Individual hair extensions attached by plastic tubes that melt on to your hair. No damage. last about 3 to 4 months with proper care. Great for volume and length and color contrast. Works well with all types of hair.