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     The most common cause of hair loss is "male pattern baldness". It is termed "male" because the male hormone, androgen, is the culprit. Although it can also effect women, the result is overall thinning rather than baldness.

     No one likes the image that a sorry hairpiece or wig bring to mind. That's what makes New Man & New Women so unique and so fantastic! You give your own growing hair the kind of attention it needs to look it best, then you just add the right amount of hair you need to give your desired hairstyle the kind of support it needs. No one will be able to detect where your hair is growing and where you've added a natural hair addition. 

     It is nothing like the old-fashioned rug, toupee, wig or hairpiece you might have in mind. Those days are gone. Our addition looks, acts and feels natural very much like your own growing hair. Best of all, you're in command all the way with a custom system just for you.

Micro Point Solution:

 The hair used for Micro Point® Solutions is called Cyberhair®. It is a created hair that looks and feels like human hair, wet or dry. Cyberhair® is feather light, many times stronger than natural growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory, allowing you freedom and flexibility. It can be blown dry, curled and flat ironed just like your own hair.

How dose the Links work?

Micro Point Link is four links added to one single strand of your own hair. Micro Point Link's knot is so micro-tiny, your new hair looks and feels like your own growing hair. It grows out with your own hair and you just add more hair as needed. With Micro Point Link, you can have up to 600 additional strands of hair added to your own growing hair...in just a few hours. You can have hundreds of additional strands of hair added quickly, easily and without pain, restoring your confidence and your hair. 

     Micro Point Solutions may be the solution for you! What’s great about Micro Point is that there are no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, transplants, matrix or hair systems involved. It is a solution that is very natural and very safe and gentle on your hair. For more information:

"I cant think of a single benefit of going bald, can you?"