Weddings & Special Events

We will make your wedding day STRESS FREE!

     We Provide the latest in bridal styles. specializing in up-do's, Airbrush Make-up like the starts, eyelashes, many types of hair extensions for fullness and length, and complete make-up service for the look of your dreams on your wedding day.

      Please contact Dona C. 310-433-4640 for package information and to set up your free consultation. 

      We are available 7 days a week and can handle large wedding parties. We have a large enough team to have everyone done about the same time. No more waiting around for services to be done.... 

     Prices are based on style requested, Volume & Length of hair. We also may be able to travel to your location. Traveling is based on individual needs date and location.  

10 things to know about Hair and Make-up on your wedding

1. Arrive at the salon with clean, dry, hair ready to style - (flat iron if you prefer) If hair is shampooed the day before with a little styling gel or setting agent will help for a better hold. 

2. Bring with you anything you want to have the stylist put in our hair. (i.e.) Veil, pins, clips, decorations or flowers.

3. Bring Photos of the style you are looking for, or if at all possible make arrangement to meet with the stylist before the wedding date, for a trial. This can be done 1 to 3 months in advance it can be set up on a day you are going out and want to look good or try out the style to see what it will look like with your dress. Also this will help your stylist will know what your needs are and what type of hair they will be working with.

4. Wear something you do not have to take off over your head, like a tube top or button down shirt anything that will not be pulled over your head.

5. Time line for wedding day, allow 1 hour for hair and 1 hour for make-up for each girl. Depending on how many stylists are working with you it will help you figure out a better time line. This will help for a stress free salon experience on the day of your wedding or if the stylists are traveling to you extra time may need to be set-up to get everyone done.

6. Make-up, please come with a clean face with moisture. If you have any allergies let the make-up artist know in advance. Feel free to bring your own eyeliner or mascara if you have sensitive eyes. Many brides have a favorite lipstick; bring it along for later touch ups. Meeting with the Make-up artist for a trial is very helpful to decide what type of make-up is best. Airbrush is good for a photo finish look.  

7. Make arrangements for Nails the day or evening before the wedding it is less stressful and will still look great the day of your wedding.

8. If any of your wedding party is coming in from out of town helping them with a map, time line and phone numbers of the locations.  

9. If you are having any waxing done on your face, please do so 48 – 72 hours before. There are also options to have threading or sugaring done.

10. Take a camera and capture the fun at the salon. 

    We are also recommended by numerous hotels in the area. Some will even drop-off and pick-up your party at our front door.

See upcoming event for location details.